A neighborhood market just around the corner

A friendly, family run grocer with top-notch customer service that can save you both time and money.  Serving the South Boston, South End, and Duxbury, MA communities, and possibly coming to a neighborhood near you

“BEST Fresh Squeezed OJ, BEST Rotisserie Chicken, BEST Selection, Best EVERYTHING! You must go there! Foodies is an urban experience of its’ own. They have a huge selection of food for vegans, vegetarians & meat eaters. Their prepared foods are great for on the go. Their service is a style all its’ own.”
T. Swift, Yelp
“After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Foodies in South Boston has finally opened – and the wait was worth it. … Great store: sort of an urban hybrid of Whole Foods and Stop & Shop. Thumbs up for selling things from local places like Iggy’s, SoCo Creamery, etc.”
Kaleb, Yelp
“Convenient location if you don’t have a car and live in the south end. Prices are a bit high but, hey welcome to Boston. Salad bar is great. Deli sandwiches are stellar. And they have just about everything you would need to make a great meal…”
Danielle B., Yelp
“I love their salad bar! While not a huge selection, the options they have out are great and super fresh! Plus, who doesn’t love adding sweet potatoes to their salad in the fall? And at $6.99/lb, I can load up on lots of veggies and not hurt my wallet. Foodies – thank you for coming to Southie!
Christine V., Yelp
“EAT THEIR ROTISSERIE CHICKEN!!!!!! Yes, all caps means I am yelping this from the roof top. Their rotisserie chicken lit-er-al-ly falls off the bone with all it’s juicy and perfectly seasoned goodness. Soooooo delicious. And I love how they offer it as a half chicken for those of us only buying for one. As a grocery, they’re a little low on selection, but that’s precisely why it’s an urban market. They offer what’s necessary, the food you just have to have when you don’t have enough time to venture to Shaw’s or Stop and Shop. So, please don’t compare Foodie’s to the big guys. This place is wonderful just the way it is.”
Elizabeth D., Yelp
“Foodies is a fun little shop – it makes me think of what Trader Joe’s must have been like before it went national. I probably won’t do my regular grocery shopping here, but if I’m cooking for a dinner party or going on a picnic, this is great place to shop. If you happen to be in the area, stop in and check it out – it’s worth 15 minutes of your time. The selection is on the sophisticated side, with lots of borderline delicacy foods throughout the store. I given them an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for quality ; sometimes the produce is hit or miss, but otherwise I’m impressed. I like Foodies selection of prepared foods. I can’t stand most grocery store prepared foods, but Foodies joins Russo’s, Whole Foods and Bob’s on my short list of exceptions. Prices are a little bit higher, but I think for the most part you get what you pay for. Also, they stock wine, a big plus for me.”
Christopher M., Yelp
“When I was a kid, my Mom shopped at the local IGA and it was small, intimate and people knew your name…IGA is a recent memory, but the torch seems to have been past to Foodies. It is not Shaw’s, but it is better in quality than Whole Foods…Grapes are outstanding, so are the prepared foods. Limited selection, very good quality”
Steve S., Yelp
“I started working in the area back in the summer and this has become my favorite market. Full of fresh produce and conveniently located it has been such a treasure to me. Prices can be a little up there but I’ve never been disappointed. They also have a “sale” basket in one of the aisles and you can find some great things in there for 50% off.”
Marceline, Yelp
“I can’t speak to Foodie’s as a grocery store, but as a lunch spot, it’s a totally solid and cheap choice. They have an extensive pay-by-weight salad bar with both ready-made salads and plenty of ingredients to make your own, as well as several options of pasta, potato or vegetable salad. Usually when I get a salad from here it comes to under $4 which you can’t beat in the South End (more).”
Abby R., Yelp
“They also have a Boar’s Head deli with nice folks who will whip you up a huge sandwich in no time for about $6. Seriously, these sandwiches are beast. That’s not to say I haven’t eaten one in one sitting before, but I’m a monster. These sandwiches dwarf the sizeable sandwiches found at the Buttery, Flour or Formaggio, and cost less than most of them too. They also have hot food available that looks great for lunch or to bring home for a ready-to-eat dinner. I’ve seen beef stew, steak tips, fried chicken, burritos, meatloaf, and it all looks good. I like it as a quick place to grab lunch and bring it back to the office. Looks like they have a decent selection of groceries too for being a small store in the city.”
Abby R. (more), Yelp
“Foodies is a great grocery spot that has just about everything that you need for a city grocer. Things are a bit pricey but worth the convenience. They have an okay beer selection but they don’t sell anything larger than 6-packs and those are shockingly marked up. BUT I am a fan of the fact that they have some delicious ice cream!”
Samuel Kim, Yelp
“I was worried about Foodies being expensive but it compares to a Trader Joe’s produce-wise (bananas at 79 ยข/lb, bag of baby carrots for $1.99) and is low-to-average for packaged/brand name goods. My only qualm is that they seem to run out of sale items quickly and don’t restock them. That may have just been a fluke or an early mistake. I will give Foodies the benefit of the doubt!”
Abby R., Yelp
“Went shopping here for the better part of 2-3 years. Always a great stop for the essentials. When they added beer and wine (5-6 years ago) that made it even better. Great for a quick stop after work before heading home to get the essentials or a bottle of wine.”
MFC, Yelp
“I work about 3 blocks from Foodie’s which makes me very, very lucky. I take the T and always pack my lunch, so Foodie’s makes my life easy. A couple times a week I go over and stock up on things like fruit, veggies, lunch meat, cheese and pop to make it through the work week, thus saving me the burden of carrying a lunch on the T. For those who say Foodie’s is expensive, let me give you some numbers (more).”
Steff P., Yelp
“Last week I went to Foodie’s in the morning for work food, then stopped at Shaw’s on the way home for food at home. Here is my comparison (none of the items at Foodie’s were on sale, all reg. price): Avocado: Shaw’s: $1.99 Foodies: $1.79; Cherries: Shaw’s: $6.99/lb Foodies: $4.99/lb; Grape Tomatoes: Shaw’s: .99/pint  Foodies: $3.99/pint; Boar’s Head Ham:  Shaw’s: $8.99/lb Foodies: $6.99/lb. Now, don’t start talking about Market Basket. I know it’s cheaper, but it is for sure hit or miss on produce. Not to mention out of the way for most commuters. Foodie’s is convenient and carries a very wide variety of items including frozen foods, pop, produce, deli, cheese, salad bar, breads and crackers, dog food, yogurt, milk, and on and on. The only thing that could make Foodie’s better is a friendlier staff, although I wouldn’t call them rude.”
Steff P., Yelp
“I’m with Judith! For everyone complaining about prices, go shop somewhere else. You are paying for convenience, so unless you have been living under a rock, you should expect that prices are higher. Also, not being part of the mega-chains like Shaw’s or Stop & Shop prevents Foodie’s from pricing things like Cheerios or Jif peanut butter or Bounty paper towels as low. Foodie’s has a great produce selection, good prepared foods, their butcher staff is helpful and friendly and you can always find an interesting assortment of cheese to try (more).”
Jessica F., Yelp
“If you are looking to stock up on staples, Foodie’s is not your place. But, if you are looking for fresh ingredients, with reliable availability and a convenient location, Foodie’s is a great stop. … And as for “everything that’s wrong with the South End”, why do you live here? I’ve been a Foodie’s customer for almost 10 years and I think it’s a great part of the South End.”
Jessica F. ..., Yelp
“If I were somehow cast as Ms. Pac-Man, I would request a change of venue from the boring Dot Maze. Put me in Foodie’s please. … Walking in, I knew this place was right for me when the first three things I saw were pineapples, wine and black licorice nubs. Yum. But then, appetizing cuts of meat, more wines, a good selection of produce, a mature candy rack and some drool-worthy baked goods sealed the deal. … Sure, Foodie’s could be called Yuppie’s;  it isn’t exactly one-stop shopping and the prices can be high. But if you need some last-minute ingredients, want to relieve some hunger pangs or need something to bring to a dinner party- Foodie’s is the right place.”
Lauren V., Yelp
“Foodie’s rocks. It’s clean, well-organized (once you figure out the layout — like any other grocery.) There are fresh veggies, a great meat department, a full deli counter with all sorts of cooked hot items, a large cheese selection and tubs of olives, and other antipasti. They also offer a decent selection of wine and beer at good prices. … For everything else, there are usually a range from store brand to higher end, to super-expensive organic versions. There’s rarely something missing, and often I can only find stuff here in greater Boston good stores (4 kinds of truffle oil? Check!)”
Chris C., Yelp
“The people who work there from the butchers, to deli-folk, to stock-people and especially the checkout people are as nice and helpful as can be. And for those who say it’s expensive: I have done the comparison twice over the years, and with a very few exceptions, Foodie’s is cheaper than Stop and Shop at South Bay, or Shaw’s in the Pru. Fresh veggies, especially are cheaper here. … If it was ONLY because Stop and Shop at South Bay is enraging and the staff are clueless, and the Pru Shaw’s utterly confusing layout, I’d go here. But fair pricing (mostly LOWER pricing) and incredible variety make it my first choice. PS – they don’t carry much fish, because Morse next door does…. another amazing review to be had for that place!)  PPS – free parking in back
Chris C. ..., Yelp
“i like Foodie’s cause it’s close to my house, and has great produce and a kick-ass deli selection.  I don’t care if it’s “gentrified” or whatever else people say about it, the people who work here are super friendly, they have interesting brands of food, and they seem to promote a lot of local businesses (bakeries, chocolatiers, dairy, etc).  I don’ t mind paying a little more for that. …The deli meat is so good, especially the roasted turkey.  It tastes like leftover Thanksgiving, thick and rich and creamy.  I’ve yet to try the fish or steaks, but they look incredible.  And I’ve noticed that their produce is not outrageously priced and is very fresh. … So, gentrified, yuppified, or not, I think Foodie’s is doing a good thing for those who live in the neighborhood around it.”
Kate S.C., Yelp

Why shop at Foodie’s Markets?

Each store operates independently to meet the needs of the local community. Fresh, organic groceries that you may find in any mega-store, plus distinctive foods often stocked in specialty shops, locally grown by Boston, MA, and New England vendors. 

  • Fresh breads & pastries made daily by pastry chefs in our own bake shop
  • Prepared meals with diverse menu options & fresh meats, cut and processed daily in each store
  • Cheeses to make even the connoisseur happy; wine & beer, domestic & international
  • Produce that is fresh and stocked daily, by season, plus fresh squeezed OJ & dried fruit & nuts

Departments & Special diet groceries

Compare our products & prices, and discover our unique style of customer care complete with lots of love and quick solutions.

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Foodie’s kitchen meals to-go

Simplify your life with hot, nutritious meals from our kitchen, a full-service deli & prepared entrees, salads, and side dishes, a make-your-own sandwich shop, the freshest salad bar, and convenient catering. Brighten someone’s day with a Foodie’s gift card or gift basket, or buy a special treat from our bake shop.

Prepared foods & gifts

Foodie’s kitchen is open for business and ready to serve you “home-cooked” foods, both hot meals and cold sandwiches. Enjoy our well-kept salad and pasta bars and other time-saving culinary treats.

<strong>Hot meals daily</strong>
Hot meals daily
Let our chefs prepare hot meals (and cold) for you in our kitchen (click What’s for dinner? to view our daily entrees, side dishes, and salads). Convenient, delicious, and affordable solutions.
<strong>Gift baskets</strong>
Gift baskets
Purchase Foodie’s gift cards and gift baskets for ANY occasion.
<strong>Sandwich shop</strong>
Sandwich shop
For a quick and healthy meal, build your own sandwich made to order. Or try our self-serve salad bar, stocked with fresh vegetables, pasta, and proteins.
<strong>Catering services</strong>
Catering services
Cater your next home party or business function with our talented kitchen staff. Tasty chocolate desserts, cheese, fruit and nut plates, side dishes, or hot meals are prepared to order. And no pots and pans to clean up.

Our commitment to your community

Our local food products give back to your community, offerings jobs and supporting your friends and neighbors.

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Like an old-style neighborhood market, we offer personal attention and a friendly atmosphere. We carry products not found in most of the bigger supermarkets, and others that are.  Read more
We value your loyalty and are loyal to each other. Many of us have been here for many years and we know most of our customers. Read more 
We donate food and gift cards to causes relevant to you and your neighbors like local groups and schools. Read more